Sunday Bible School (SBS)/
Congregational Communities

Our leadership shepherds our congregation through season-of-life communities, which we call Congregational Communities. There are eight communities for men and women from age 18 through older seniors. Each community has a pastor working with elders, deacons, and mature women who lead the class and shepherd the members of the community. Find the group below that most suits you and join us on Sunday mornings. Click here for current studies in each class.

If you're between the ages of 18 and 22 and want to get involved with other students your age, join our college community. See the 18|22 Generation page for events and more information or contact Stuart Lockhart at or 704-708-6161. 

Young Professionals (Young Pros)
Young Pros are single and married adults who are entering or building their careers. This life stage can be lonely and present many challenges. Our community seeks to provide encouragement and build friendships among believers who have shared experiences and a desire to live Christian lives in work and social environments where that may be very difficult. We have lots of fun outings and spontaneous get-togethers throughout the year. See the Young Pros page for more info or contact Dave Baxter at or 704-814-1053.

Young Families (Second Acts)
If you are "just married" or have kids in grade school, you'll find connections with other families in our community and will grow deeper in your faith together. Check the Young Families page for more info or contact Pastor Bernie Lawrence at or 704-708-6110.

Student Families
Our community consists of families who have middle school and/or high school students. Join with other families in this busy season of life. Check out the Student Families website for more information, including ministries for your students, or contact Pastor Brian Peterson at or 704-708-6115.

In our community of baby boomer men and women, we're seeing our kids leave the nest and experiencing a new perspective on life, together. Contact Pastor Mike Miller at or 704-814-1056 to get involved.

Young Seniors
If you're looking for a community where folks of all stages and walks of life can relate to each other, join our adult elective Sunday school. For more information, contact Pastor Bernie Lawrence at or 704-708-6110.

Senior Adults (Coram Deo)
The senior community is very active at Christ Covenant, enjoying our golden years with a zeal for serving our Lord. See the Senior Adults page for updates and the latest senior newsletter, or contact Pastor Bruce Creswell at or 704-708-6106.