Officer Standards

Elder and Deacon Nominations – The Session has approved the nomination, training and election of elders and deacons for 2012.  Nominations for the ordained offices of Elder and Deacon will be received during the month of January.  To be officially nominated, the nominee must be male, a member of Christ Covenant for at least two years by election date (June 2012), and receive nomination by two congregation members (from different families).  Officer Nomination forms are available at the Welcome/Information Desk in the main foyer or click here.  Completed nomination forms may be given to any active officer or sent to the attention of Bernie Lawrence at Christ Covenant.  Prayerfully consider those whom the Lord may use to lead this body of believers. 

  “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” I Timothy 4:12
The Session of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church has considered the Biblical qualifications for church officers set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1 by delineating the 12 areas in which a nominee should model maturity in order to be nominated and elected to church office.
1. Attest that he has been a member of Christ Covenant Church for at least 24 months (I Timothy 3:6,10 and 4:12).

2. Attest to the basis of his assurance of salvation (I Timothy 3:9; Titus 1:9).

3. Attest to Christian maturity and minimum age standards (I Timothy 3:6,10).
> Elder: A convert and member of an evangelical church for at least 5 years and normally at least 30 years old at ordination or installation.
> Deacon: A convert and member of an evangelical church for at least 3 years and normally at least 24 years old at ordination or installation.

4. Attest to involvement in one or more ministries of the church in which he has exhibited both gifted and servant leadership in areas such as small groups, evangelism, compassion, discipleship, teaching or music (I Timothy 3:10; 4:12).

5. Attest that his character, personal integrity, and spiritual leadership in regard to his family, the church, the world is becoming to a Christian, a church member, and an officer of the church. That he has the support of his wife in pursuit of ordained office. (I Timothy 3:2,7; Titus 1:6).

6. Attest that he is consistent in his efforts to have a regular devotional life that includes prayer and Bible study as a pattern (I Timothy 4:12, 3:11; Titus 1:8-9).

7. Attest that he has the time, willingness, schedule, and gifts to perform the duties required of the office, including regular attendance at the stated meetings of the Session or Diaconate, and meetings of Departments to which he may be assigned  (I Timothy 3:10,11).

8. Attest to a consistent pattern of participation in Sunday School, Sunday morning and evening worship services, and the support and concern for other major church-wide services and ministries (I Timothy 4:12, 3:10-11).

9. Attest to a consistent pattern of willfully and joyfully tithing his first fruits to the church (I Timothy 3:3-5,12; Titus 1:7).

10. Attest that he is in accord with the direction of the church and that he can serve in harmony with others (I Timothy 3:3,8; Titus 1:7).

11. Attest that he has a heart of pastoral concern for the congregation and his fellow church officers (I Timothy 3:3-5, 4:12).

12. Attest that he is not a member of any secret organization (e.g. Masons, Knights of Columbus, etc.).
Adopted by the Session on June 27, 2007