Caleb Ministries

Caleb Ministries offers help for women who have experienced infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, or who are post-abortive.  Volunteers who have endured similar experiences are paired one-on-one with clients and Bible studies to help those who are grieving are offered on a continual basis.  A number of resources are available to assist women who are grieving.

If you have experienced a similar loss and would like to help other women through the recovery process, please contact the ministry for volunteer opportunities.  Volunteers are also needed to sew burial gowns, bonnets, and blankets for keepsake boxes that are given to people who have experienced a stillbirth or lost a child in early infancy.

For additional information and help visit Caleb Ministries' website at or call 704-841-1320.

Contact: Pastor Bernie Lawrence at 704-708-6110