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Metanoia Prison MinistriesMetanoia Prison Ministry
Metanoia is a ministry of Mission to North America which offers churches the opportunity to develop a discipleship and outreach ministry to prisoners.  They offer correspondence courses for prisoners using curriculum that Metanoia provides.  The courses take the students from the very basics of the faith to advanced levels.  The actual work of the ministry is done by church members who are paired with a man or woman in prison. All material is supplied by Metanoia and instructors’ identities are kept completely confidential.  Any adult Christian can serve as an instructor.   For more information, visit or contact Jim Prieb at

Metanoia Prison Ministry's Bible Correspondence Course Needs Mature Christians    
Metanoia Prison Ministry, the MNA/PCA ministry that facilitates reformed Bible correspondence courses with prison inmates, is seeking mature Christian men and women to come alongside the inmates and grade their Bible study correspondence courses and send them back to the inmates with a letter of encouragement. This takes 2-4 hours a month and helps disciple a man behind bars. Men in prisons all over America have filled out requests for Bible study, but right now there are not enough graders to help them. If you are interested please call or email Jim or Patti Prieb and they will be happy to give you the details. Jim: 704-814-0568 or  Patti:

Mecklenburg County Jail Mecklenburg Jail Ministry
As of October 2014, there are ten men and two women from Christ Covenant who teach Bible study in secure, separate classrooms just down the hall from the “pods.” A pod is a large room containing about 50 jail cells and a large central area where the inmates gather to eat, socialize, watch television, or engage in program activities.

Each classroom draws from one pod of the jail… (approx. 10-15 inmates attend). The men’s studies draw from four different pods each Wednesday evening from 8:00 PM to approximately 9:00 PM. The women’s study draws from one woman’s pod. These rooms are down the hallway from the pods. The inmates must sign up to attend a Bible study, and it is first come first serve. There are openings at Mecklenburg Jail Uptown for more volunteers on Wednesday evenings — both men and women.

As of September 2014, we now have one man who volunteers to teach Bible study at Jail North off of Statesville Road, north of Uptown. There are openings at Jail North for more volunteers, and the day and time can be worked out with the Chaplain there. This is a more minimum security facility.

We have a goal of two men or women at a time team teaching in a classroom, and they make arrangements to have someone cover for them if they cannot teach on any given Wednesday. We work as a team helping each other so we can be effective at helping the inmates understand God’s Word.

The studies can include a DVD of a Bible study from John Piper or other leaders (all DVDs are scrutinized and approved by the Chaplain's office), or the leader can speak on a topic from the Bible followed by a question and answer session and prayer time. It is up to the men and women who teach to decide how they want to handle the class. Each teacher is required to go through a back-ground check and training class at the jail before they are allowed access to the pods.

There is always a need for more men and women who like to lead Bible studies to volunteer on Wednesday evenings. They can teach once a month, twice a month or every Wednesday. This ministry is very rewarding to those who are called to minister to the “least of these” our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated. The inmates who sign up for Bible study usually want to be there to hear about the Lord and to change their lives. 

For more information, contact Patti Prieb at or Jim Prieb at