SOAR Sports

SOAR (Sports Outreach and Recreation) ministers both to the church and community with approximately 2,500 participants each year. Each young person (ages 3-18) involved in SOAR comes under the influence of a coach trained to teach them the essentials of their sport and show them the love of Jesus through action and attitude.

Mission Statement

As an outreach ministry of CCC, SOAR strives to engage our local community through God-glorifying sports and recreation so that they would know the Gospel.

Vision Statement

SOAR Sports will:

  • Engage Christ Covenant membership to participate in our outreach ministry by promoting and building redemptive relationships with SOAR families in our local community thru sports leagues, camps, clinics, and recreational activities.
  • Provide youth, adults and families of all abilities an atmosphere of Christ-centered competition, which teaches about sports, life, and the Gospel.
  • Encourage non-churched participants to move from the field into our church community.
  • Use both Christ Covenant facilities and off campus sites to host events year round.

If you have any questions, please visit or call 704-814-1063.

SOAR Staff

Jenny Young

Chris Muggler
Sports Coordinator

SOAR Leadership Team
David Lapp
Fritz Menchinger
Rob Randolph
Ron Raulston
Ryan Fuderer
Tom Engstrom
Ken Bodwell