On Being Uniquely Feminine

in the Body of Christ

The issue of what it means to be feminine in the church and in the world is one that sparks passionate debate among thinking evangelical women today.  It is a subject that merits prayerful and thoughtful consideration that is steeped in the Word of God, and its import is significant for women in every season and situation in life.  This material is important for the women at Christ Covenant for two reasons:  1) it is our hope that we might encourage one another in this arena and 2) that we present a winsome and engaging but strongly united front to a watching world.  This issue, rightly embraced, places us in a pivotal position to have an impact on our families, our church and our community.  Toward that end, we will consider a Biblical framework about gender that has been carefully researched by current theologians such as John Piper, Wayne Grudem, Susan Hunt and Dan Doriani.  Having established a solid foundation for what it means to be unique and feminine, we’ll talk about how that applies at home, at church and in the world.  All women --- single, married, young, and seasoned --- will benefit from the content, discussion and personal study opportunity offered by this material.

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Session One: The Theology of Uniqueness Audio a
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Session Two: This is My Jerusalem Audio Video  
Session Three: The Helper Tabernacle
Session Four: The Helper Neighborhood
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