Merea Ministry

"...women must be faithful in all things." – 1 Timothy 2:9, 10

Merea, meaning “close companion,” is a mentoring ministry for Christ Covenant women. Merea provides a cross-generational environment in which young women will grow in faith while developing homemaking and hospitality skills. 

Through Merea, younger women have the opportunity to learn life skills, such as gardening, decorating, meal planning, mending and budgeting.  Merea mentors use skill training as a platform to build meaningful relationships for sharing life experience and faith stories.

Merea groups meet once each month for two years.

Participants in Merea are asked to

  • Commit to attending all meetings (missing one meeting means you are not together for two months!)
  • Determine to teach someone else the skills developed
  • Be involved in at least one ministry event with the Merea group, using newly developed skills
Merea participation is reserved for members and regular attenders of Christ Covenant Church.

To register, please contact Julie Allison at