T2 Book Review Groups

"…they are to teach what is good, and so train the young women." Titus 2:4

What is T2 book review?
T2 (Titus 2) book review groups gather for the purpose of spiritual training as described in Titus 2:1-5. Such training is accomplished through the study of a strategically chosen book in the area of character, doctrine, or practical living.

What is a T2 group?

  • Groups will have up to eight members and a leader.
  • Groups meet once a month (October - May).
  • Each group will read a book together chosen from the T2 book review list.
T2 group members are asked to commit to attending each month. We have a limited number of spots in each group. If you sign up for a spot in a group and do not come then you are taking a place from someone else who might like to be there. (Although we do understand  that emergencies happen!)

Where and when do they meet?
Groups will meet either at the church or in the home of one of our members. You may choose to join a group based on the book you wish to study or based on the time or location that works best for you. Once you register, you will be given the starting date and leader’s contact information. If your group is off-campus, you will get the address of your meeting location. If you are meeting on campus, we will let you know the building/room number.

What books/days can I choose from?

A Praying Life (Miller) | 1st Monday, 7 PM, Arboretum area

A Praying Life (Miller) | 1st Monday, 7 PM, Matthews area

Your Walk With God is a Community Project (Tripp) | 1st Tuesday, 7 PM, Mint Hill area

Loving Jesus More | 1st Tuesday, 7 PM, Christ Covenant

Hole in Our Holiness (DeYoung) | 1st Wednesday 7 PM, Christ Covenant

The Things of Earth (Rigney) | 2nd Monday, 10 AM, Matthews area

Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety | 2nd Monday, 7 PM, Matthews area

Don't Waste Your Life | 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 PM, Christ Covenant
(for single moms - childcare provided)

Knowing God | 2nd Wednesday, 7 PM, Christ Covenant

Becoming Eve: Recovering God's Good Design For Womanhood (Shepherd) | 2nd Wednesday, 7 PM, Matthews area

Who can come to the groups? Can I bring a friend?
Women of all ages and communities are welcome! We have leaders from all generations and we would love to have multi-generational groups. Small groups are a great place to meet people if you are new to the church. We'd love for you to invite ladies from your Sunday school community, those you sit beside in church, and friends from outside of our Christ Covenant family!

Is there a cost involved?
There is a $10 fee that you will pay online when registering. Also, each participant in responsible for obtaining a copy of the book you are studying.

Sign Up for a Group
To register, you must first sign up for a particular group. Spaces are limited in each group, so this is an important step! Please go to the Group Sign-Up to view the groups (also listed above). Once you have signed up for a group, return to this page to register and pay.

Once you have chosen and signed up for a group, please click the button below to register for T2 and pay.


If you do not receive an e-mail or if you have questions, contact Teresa Caldwell.