friends serving in europe

Mostafa & Mona
Pioneer Ministries

Mostafa and Mona’s ministry is reaching Arab Muslims in England and other countries, as well as teaching and training others for ministry. Mostafa lectures on Islam and Islamic history, by invitation only, at All Nation College. He also lectures in different churches, missions and organizations. He is part of a Pioneer Ministries London team, for which he answers letters from Muslims in North Africa. They hope to find more partners who know the Arabic language and have a heart for reaching Arab Muslims in England, to find and open new places for outreach and to start new teaching groups in western and central areas of their city.

Prayer requests:
Pray for some friends who are interested in coming to London to join our ministry in the near future.
Praise for the Saudi man who accepted Jesus during one of the chat rooms that Mostafa leads and then gave his testimony to everyone.
Pray for son’s health as he still continues to get migraine attacks every week.
Pray for God to open doors and to give us wisdom and insight into regenerating the House of Refuge project.