International Missions

Make a pledge to support international missions through Faith Promise. We will have our Faith Promise commitment as part of our Missions Conference on Sunday, March 5, 2017. Please click here for more information on our 2017 Missions Conference. Click here for information about Faith Promise.

We send and support missionaries to our Focus Areas to provide key expertise or manpower, which strengthens the national church without creating dependencies. Our desire is to develop strong, healthy churches led by national pastors that can duplicate themselves throughout their own nation. We seek to equip, encourage and empower national church plants with our long term mission strategies.  In addition, we support missionaries who are providing the groundwork for future church planting.

Be Geographically Focused
We will focus our efforts to produce maximum impact for the growth of the kingdom. Our vision is to target strategic sites that provide a catalytic effect beyond their immediate area.

Apply Multi-layered Resources
Each church planting movement has different needs. As a result, we apply resources in overlapping ways to facilitate the missional impact of the movement. Those resources include, but are not limited to, funding, consultation, medical, training, outreach development and education. Example: In Uganda we provide church planting training, short-term funding of church plants, funding for education of pastors, children’s ministry training, medical outreaches and consultation.

Enter into Partnerships
Believing we have one part in the process, we actively seek to partner with churches, agencies and the national church in each area of focus. We believe that as the body of Christ cooperates strategically, the Gospel will penetrate farther and faster. Example: In Germany, we partner with Redeemer Church in New York City and the Berlinprojekt and Hamburgprojekt.

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Helpful website to inform about the unfinished work of the church…unreached people groups, state of the Gospel proclamation, etc.


Get Involved

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of current opportunities and needs you can get involved with to support international missions.