Randy & Joan Nabors

Urban and Mercy Ministries, MNA
Randy is the Urban & Mercy Coordinator for Mission to North America with New City Network.

Pray for more African American and minority church planters to be raised up, trained, supported, and deployed to cities around our nation. Pray for more cross-culturally gifted and trained pastors. Pray for churches to know how to minister in violent neighborhoods, how to deal with racial conflict, how to preach and live peace, and how to seek justice. Pray for churches to know how to use relief and emergency financial help as a bridge into long lasting relationships. Pray for churches to be financially supported so they can pay their pastors, hire staff, rent worship space, and help the poor. Pray for suburban and middle class churches to be more inclusive racially and culturally, and for them to be active in the ministry of mercy.

Updated 3/13/16