Our Missionaries

Currently, Christ Covenant Church supports more than 100 missionaries, both Americans and nationals, in the United States and seventeen different countries around the world.

Below is a listing categorized geographically. Please remember them in prayer. To join a Mission Support Prayer Group, please see our Prayer Opportunities webpage.

Click on a name to see a photo & bio.

World Map

  North America
  David & Estelle ABERNATHY JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
  Troy & Krista ALBEE Grace Presbyterian - Boston, MA
  Al & Renee BARTH City to City Church Planting - New York City
  Mark & Raylene CASSON Metanoia Prison Ministry - Charlotte, NC
  Joni CLAYTON Campus Outreach
  Gary & Dotsie CORWIN SIM - Charlotte, NC
  Rohan & Rebecca CROWN Amazing Grace Church - Lethbridge, Canada
  Tyler & Carrie DIRKS
New PCA church plant - East Charlotte, NC
  Mary DORSEY Retired from India - Blacksburg, SC
Retired from JAARS - Tahlequah, OK
  Peter & Katie ECK New City Fellowship - Atlantic City, NJ
  Fred & Grace ELY
SIM - Charlotte, NC
  Terry & Brenda FOX Montgomery, Alabama
  Zach & Amy FULGINITI Campus Outreach - Charlotte
  Scott & Ruth HILL MTW - Cherokee, NC
  Andrew & Lauren HOLBROOK
Fairfield Church Plant - Fairfield, CT
  Jonathan & Erica HOOD Syracuse, NY
  Ashley JOHNSON Campus Outreach - Lynchburg, VA
  Bruce & Mary JOHNSON
SIM - Charlotte, NC
  Greg & Dolly JOINES
Oregon Church Plant - Corvallis, OR
  Jerry & Lynn JONES
One Hundred Fold
  Daniel & Moon KANG
Army Chaplain - Camp Casey
  Jan KING
Wycliffe Bible Translators - Waxhaw, NC
  Carrie & Jim LUKE Project 658
  Heath & Jane MCLAUGHEN RUF at UNC Charlotte - Charlotte, NC
  Randy & Joan NABORS
Urban & Mercy Coordinators - MNA, New City Network
  Anthony & Susan PIZZUTI

SIM – Charlotte, NC

  Ted & Donna ROBART
The Women's Refuge - Vero Beach, FL
  Christopher & Marijane ROBINS San Francisco, CA
  Milas & Ashley SHEPHERD Fairfield Church Plant - Fairfield, CT
  Paul & Juyoung SHIN US Army Chaplain, HI
  Dony & Sharon ST. GERMAIN
El Shaddai Ministries - Haiti
  Tracy THORNTON A House on Beekman - South Bronx, NY
  Michael & Linda-Lee WADHAMS NW corner of Washington state
  Michael & Anna WHITHAM RUF at Johnson & Wales University - Charlotte, NC
Campus Crusade for Christ - Raleigh, NC
  Campus Outreach - Charlotte  
  Siegmar & Elisabeth BORCHERT
Wilhelmsburg, Germany
  Ralph & Anna CUNNINGTON
Manchester, England
  Samuel & Carol FOUCACHON Global Outreach Mission - Paris, France
  Sam & Elizabeth GOODWIN Gospel Church München - München, Germany
  Norman & Alison MACKAY Govan area - Glasgow, Scotland
  Steffen & Elizabeth MUELLER
Gospel Church München - München, Germany
  Athole & Rosalynd RENNIE Edinburgh, Scotland
  Bud & Barbara SPECK
Wycliffe Europe - Linz, Austria
  Friends Serving in Europe
Pioneer Ministries - United Kingdom
  James & Kelly BROADAWAY Campus Outreach - Johannesburg, South Africa
  Pete & Sheri KETTERMAN
Campus Outreach - Johannesburg, South Africa
  Imbumi & Martha MAKUKU
Nairobi, Kenya

One & Confidence MOKGATLE

Pretoria, South Africa
  Campus Outreach - Johannesburg  
  Cynthia RUBLE
Life Hope Network - Nagoya, Japan
  Chris & Paige
SIM - Thailand
  Friends Serving in Restricted Areas