Short Term Trip FAQ

Q. Where do I get a passport?
A. Passports can be obtained from one of several locations:
~ US Post Office, Carmel Station at 6300 Carmel Road
~ Mint Hill at 8920 Lawyers Road
~ US Post Office, S Providence Station at 11035 Golf Links Drive
~ Downtown office at 201 N. McDowell Street
Passport applications can be downloaded from The passport form must be presented and signed in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility. Birth certificates (cannot be a copy must have raised seal) and 2 passport photos are required with applications. 
Q. Will I have to have any immunizations?
A. Most of the places we travel do recommend immunizations. For the most up to date information on what is needed for the area you are interested in you can visit the CDC web site Please check with your Primary Care Physician and your health insurance to determine cost and coverage. 
Q. How do I pay for the trip?
A. Participants are required to raise the necessary prayer and financial support for the trip. Support discovery training are available in the training manual for short term teams.. The Outreach & Missions ministry of Christ Covenant Church is not responsible for covering the expenses of a team member. 100% of your support is due 60 days before your departure date.  Support money raised for a specific trip is not transferable to other trips.  The set time frame is due to financial commitments on tickets, lodging, transportation and other prior payments of expenses related to your trip.  If funds are not raised we will look to the agreed signed guidelines on financial commitment.   Our trips are funded only by the funds that are raised by each team member so everyone needs to do their part and not depend on the others on their team.  Without the necessary funds in the teams account we will not be able to purchase the airline tickets, which will possibly delay or cancel the trip.

This is a group effort; overage raised by an individual will be used on the general fund to supplement group expenses and other members of the team who were not able to raise total support despite obvious effort to raise the money.

Overage will also be used and will stay in the Short Term Mission line.

Q. What does the support cover?
A. The support you raise covers your travel costs, food, lodging, Visa or exit cost, ministry expenses, and local ground transportation. Participants are responsible for passport, immunizations, personal needs and souvenirs. 
Q. Is there a Waiver Form?
A. Each participant will be required to sign a Medical and Liability Waiver releasing Christ Covenant Church, its leadership, it’s local and international partnerships from liability. 

Q. What is the Age Policy for international trips?
A. All team members will be interviewed and approved by Team Leader and/or Missions Pastor/Staff. 
Everyone under 18:

  • Must have references/recommendation letter from all 3 of the following:
  • 1. Youth Pastor/Staff
    2. Teacher
    3. Other adult who they have served with

  • For Africa - Must be a rising Junior in High School.
  • For Haiti - Minimum age is 12. Between the age of 12 to rising Junior, must be accompanied by a parent.
Q. What will the accommodations be like?
A. Accommodations will range from staying in peoples homes or ministry centers, to sleeping in tents, to the comfort of your own bed in hotels. Flexibility will be key for all participants. 
Q. What about insurance?
A. In addition to your personal insurance, Outreach & Missions will provide individual international insurance for the dates you will be on your trip. Although there will be limited medical benefits, the main purpose for this insurance is for emergency medical evacuation expense and for emergency reunion expense for a family member. 
Q. What about training?
A. Material and training sessions will be conducted on an individual team basis. 
Q. How do Short Term Mission Teams fit into Christ Covenant's Outreach & Missions long-term vision?
A. Believing we have one part in the process, CCC actively seeks to partner with churches, agencies and the national church in each area of focus. We believe that as the body of Christ cooperates strategically, the Gospel will penetrate farther and faster. Our short-term teams are sent as part of our long-term vision for a particular area of focus.