Short Term Trip Guidelines

The Short Term Mission Teams will connect with Outreach & Missions’ long-term vision for world missions. Our desire is for team members to experience the dynamics of the Body of Christ, to expand their vision of the world and to participate in fruitful ministry with Outreach & Missions Partnerships.

In order to maximize the impact of a Short Term Trip, each team member is asked to agree to the following:

1. Remember that I am a representative of Christ Covenant Church, and I will seek to represent the spiritual values, moral conduct and likeness to Christ that are embraced and embodied in that assembly.

2. Seek to live an exemplary life of holiness and in obedience to God’s commands.

3. Maintain a positive servant’s attitude toward all nationals and my teammates, and remember my promise of only giving good reports.

4. Respect my host’s culture and distinctive practices of Christianity.

5. Fulfill team requirements related to training field policies, and debrief.

6. Raise the necessary prayer and financial support for the trip. I understand these support dollars are due 60 days prior to departure. Each individual team member must cover any funds not raised by the deadlines. The Outreach & Missions ministry of Christ Covenant Church is not responsible for covering the expenses of a team member.

7. Submit to the direction of the team leader both during training and on the field.

8. Refrain from any activity that may be construed as a romantic interest toward a national.

9. Make the necessary lifestyle adjustments in order to adapt to the culture of the host community. This will require refraining from abusive language, drinking alcoholic beverages, taking illegal narcotics, and smoking. This may also include altering eating habits, dress styles, interaction between men and women, etc.

10. Refrain from the expression of political opinions while overseas, due to political instability and anti-American sentiment in many countries.