Short Term Trips

Our short-term mission focus has expanded and has begun to minister in a manner which more closely models the Great Commission, with missions beginning in Charlotte (“Jerusalem”) and continuing all the way to our International church planting partners (“the outermost parts of the world”). We have begun to work with several local ministries to impact our city with the Gospel. Family involvement in short-term missions is increasing as we provide pathways to ministry that are suitable for all life stages.

We continue to utilize The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions as our benchmark for sending out teams that are well-equipped, well-trained and field-driven by our international partners.

Particulars for Going:  
Prayer - The foundational building block of your participation.
Purpose - Listen and let God give you His plan.
Pick - Seek the team whom God has called you to use His gifts He has given you.
Process - Fill out and submit the application online.
Patience - Please have patience as the Outreach & Missions Team processes your application.  We will contact you for an interview and/or placement on a team.
Participate - Be a team servant, be well-trained, be flexible, begin support raising, be in His Word and be ready to see God use you in His way.

Upcoming Short Term Trips
Short Term Trip FAQ
Short Term Trip Guidelines
Short Term Trip Medical & Liability Form

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