Policies & Procedures

Office Hours

You can find our office hours online here.  In the event that the office is closed for inclement weather, all other activities on campus will be cancelled as well. Please note: Since Sunday is a working day for our pastors and many other staff, they often take Friday as their Sabbath.  We always have at least one pastor here on campus every Friday, and the Pastor on Call is also reachable at 704-708-6101 in case of emergency.

Room Reservations

Our Operations Department schedules thousands of reservations a year for every room on the property. There is a master calendar showing availability and each of the ministry area administrators is trained in its use. The Property Committee has the responsibility for setting usage guidelines under the authority of the Session. These guidelines are available from the Operations Department along with reservation request forms. Contact Missy Evans at 704-814-1007 or mevans@christcovenant.org.
   * NOTE: Before planning an event on campus, you must obtain a ministry sponsor and work through our Event Planning Checklist.

Events at Christ Covenant

Ministries on Campus

As Christ Covenant Church grows, it is important that a process exists to ensure our ministries are heading in the same direction as the global vision for the church. If you would like to start a new ministry or revive an old one, you will need to gain approval from the Executive Leadership Team. First check the on-campus ministries and missions list on the Ministries page to determine if an existing ministry fits the need you have identified. Then complete the New or Revived Ministry Application and submit it to Sandy Spitz at sspitz@christcovenant.org for consideration.

Wireless Internet

To obtain the guest network key in advance of a meeting or gathering on campus in which wireless internet is needed, contact Steve Hicks at 704-814-1005 or Margie Johnston at 704-814-1007 with one week's notice. The key must be given to you in advance, as we may not have IT staff here at the time of your meeting. Many, but not all, locations on campus are set up for wireless access. Please check when making your room reservation with the Operations Department.

Lost & Found

All items found in the Sanctuary will be taken to the Information Desk in the main lobby and will remain there through the evening service. On Monday morning, all items are moved to the Lost & Found in the church office. You may check for lost items by calling 704-847-3505 (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). A list of found items is maintained by the church receptionist and a copy is sent to the Information Desk each Sunday. When items remain unclaimed for two months, they are handled in two ways: (1) Bibles will be released to Outreach & Missions and sent with a short-term mission team as a gift to leave on the field with a national pastor or teacher; (2) other items are given to the Matthews HELP Center.

Insurance Coverage for Items on Church Property

Personal property brought onto the Christ Covenant campus (including all buildings and fields), or taken on church or ministry related trips of any kind, for any reason, or during any event or visit related to the church or its ministries is not covered by the church’s insurance and the church cannot be responsible for any losses, damage, or loss reimbursement. The church encourages individuals to be vigilant with their property and make themselves aware of the provisions of their own insurance policies that may cover personal property out of the home.

Joining the Church

Contact Mary Jo Culver at 704-814-1039 to find out the dates/times of the next Discovery (new member) classes, or click here for more information about the Discovery Class. After you complete the classes, you'll be scheduled to meet with one of our church Elders, and then if you are ready to become a member you'll be received publically along with other new members during a Sunday morning service. (Typically scheduled once each quarter.)

C.A.R.E. Program

Childcare providers in our nurseries on Sunday and during the week must be C.A.R.E. certified.  Additional requirements apply for volunteers involved in driving or staying overnight with our youth. The C.A.R.E. program is a proactive plan to protect our children against harm and injury. All volunteers are required to go through C.A.R.E. training to become a volunteer and the training must be repeated every five years. The training may be completed in person or online. Contact Missy Evans at mevans@christcovenant.org or 704-814-1007 for more information.

Weather Closing Information

In the event that inclement weather forces the closing of church offices or the cancellation of Sunday services or other activities, the following media will be used to communicate the church's decision:

  • Internet: Information will be posted and updated daily on our church website's home page.
  • Phone: A voice message will be recorded on the church phone system at 704-847-3505 or 704-844-8619 with information on any delay or closure. If the normal voicemail message is active, the facilities are open or no decision has been made about delay or closure. If the church phone system is out of service an alternate weather line is available at 704-321-3678.
  • Radio: Information will be posted on WBT (AM 1110), WRCM (FM 91.9), and WFAE (FM 90.7).
  • TV: Information will be posted on WBT, WCNC, WSOC, and News 14 Carolina.