The Senior Pastor Search Team is honored to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and our beloved Christ Covenant congregation. Thank you for entrusting us with this important work!  

We want to keep you well informed of our activities. One way to do so is by giving you access to information we are using to guide us in the search process. Here, you’ll see two documents about Christ Covenant. The composition of both documents uses Christ Covenant's Purpose, Mission, and Values statements to outline descriptions of our ministry. One document, "Who We Are," describes our ministry context as it looks today (i.e., our current state). The other, "Aspirations & Issues for the Future," describes our thinking about the context Christ Covenant Church members will be living and ministering in over the next 15 years (i.e., our gaze into the future). The Aspirations document was developed and approved by our church leadership with the help of some 225+ focus group participants. The Search Team has discussed this document in great detail and we’ve unanimously adopted it as a tool to guide us in our search. We believe it will be of great help in identifying a man who will be aligned to our values, principles, and aspirations for the future.  

Please continue to pray for us as we prayerfully conduct our work on your behalf.  Grace and peace.

Paul Joyce, Co-Chairman on behalf of the entire Senior Pastor Search Team

Documents about Christ Covenant Church

Monthly Updates (from our worship folder)

SPST Co-Chairs

Paul Joyce

Rich Protasewich

Questions or Suggestions?

Any suggestions for potential candidates should be communicated to either Rich Protasewich or Paul Joyce verbally.
Please avoid using email as it could inadvertently be read by others and misconstrued that the suggested name is already a potential candidate.