Discovery (New Member) class

The Discovery Class is the membership class for Christ Covenant Church. Pastor Ross teaches this class in which he reviews Christ Covenant's philosophy of ministry, the Reformed Faith, the Presbyterian form of government, the vows of church membership, and other topics pertinent to church membership. This class is required for those adults and students (9th grade and above) who are seeking to join Christ Covenant Church. Each class is 12 weeks. Contact Mary Jo Culver at 704-814-1039 or to reserve your place in the next scheduled class.

The Discovery Class sessions for 2017 are:

  • WINTER CLASS: January 8 - March 26
  • SPRING CLASS: April 2 - June 25
  • FALL CLASS: September 10 - November 26

We will meet in the Prayer Chapel (room 105) of the Worship Center.

Audio Sessions
If you are in the class but missed a session, you can find the audio lessons below.

  • Lesson 1: The Eight Basic Commitments from our Mission & Core Values
  • Lesson 2 (updated 3/14/11): God’s Way of Worship: Create in me a pure heart O God.