We Celebrate Living in Community

Our church family builds relationships by focusing on our own communities and making sure that we get to know and appreciate our brothers and sisters in all of our other communities.

In 2009, we spent the entire year deepening our understanding of our community members and their unique characteristics. That emphasis included a sermon series, Generations in Community, that can be found on our archived sermons page, a devotional series used by the PCA for its 50 Days of Prayer, Justice, Mercy, and Truth, available here, and a collection of videos that continue to provide encouragement in many settings, including classes and counseling, which are shown below. 

Some of the people who were a part of these videos are in Heaven now, others are serving in other congregations, all of them took part because they know the value of living in community.

God of Our Fathers - Sermon Series

Week #1: The War Generation (1930s & 1940s)

Week #2: The Silent Generation (1950s)

Week #3: The Baby Boomer Generation (1960s)

Week #4: The Baby Buster Generation (1960s & 1970s)

Week #5: Generation X (1980s & 1990s)

Week #6: The Millennials

Week #7: Generation Next


Vision 2009: Generations in Community

Christ Covenant Church pastors and staff share their goals and vision for 2009. The theme is Generations in Community and the theme verse is Psalm 79:13. "But we your people, the sheep or your pasture, will give thanks to you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise."