Unplanned Pregnancy

Q. I’m not married, I’m expecting a baby and I don’t know what to do. My parents will be angry and heartbroken. Wouldn’t it be better for everybody if I just terminated the pregnancy? That’s what my boyfriend and friends think I should do.

A. The very fact that you are asking this question is your first reason to reject this plan. Babies - even babies that are conceived outside of marriage - are created by God to be protected inside their mothers’ bodies until they can be lovingly enfolded into a family.  It is entirely possible that God’s intent for the baby you are carrying is to be raised by a husband and wife who have been praying for a long time that God would bring them a child. Or, perhaps this child will be a part of your own family. No matter what, you do not have the right to end a life that God has begun.

There was once a young woman like you who was surprised by a pregnancy that was both unplanned and unwanted.  This pregnancy displeased her family and her church community and greatly wounded her fiancé.  But in God’s providence, her pregnancy was a blessing to the entire human race.  I speak, of course, about Mary of Nazareth and her first-born son: Jesus Christ.  Think where we would all be if Mary and Joseph, with the help of their family and friends, prematurely terminated the life of Jesus.

I believe God has a wonderful plan for your child; one so special that He allowed the conception of this life without your consent.  Now is the time to trust God’s goodness and grace, and bring your baby to the fullness of that divine plan.  But you do not have to go through this alone. There are Godly people waiting to help you through this experience, to counsel with you and your family, and to help you get your life headed in a direction that will please God and bring you encouragement. Please come talk to me or any of your pastors or call Lois' Lodge or Bethany Christian Services.  You can reach us at these contact points:

Dr. Mike Ross or one of the pastors at Christ Covenant Church, in Matthews, NC: 704-708-6118 or 704-847-3505
Lois Lodge: A Christian Ministry to women with unplanned pregnancies: 704-376-8550
Bethany Christian Services (a Christian ministry of assistance to pregnant women and adoption agency): 1-800-BETHANY