sunday schedule

Morning Worship - 10:45 AM
Evening Worship - 6:00 PM

Sunday Bible School - 9:00 AM
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Nursery available at all Sunday services.



— Morning Series —


— Evening Series —


May 28 God's Holy Temple
(Psalm 84:1-12)
Dr. Mike Ross
Strike Down the Shepherd
(Zechariah 13:1-9)
Pastor Andy Schuster
June 4 The City of God
(Psalm 87:1-7)
Dr. Mike Ross
A Turn of Fortune
(Esther 6:1-14)
Dr. Mike Ross
June 11

The House of the Lord
(Psalm 122:1-9)
Dr. Mike Ross

*This is Dr. Ross' final sermon at Christ Covenant. The worship service will begin at 10 AM and be followed by a celebration for the Ross family. There will be no Sunday Bible School this day.

(No Evening Service)
June 18 Peace With God
(Romans 5:1-11)
Pastor Brian Peterson
A New Decree
(Esther 7:1-8:14)
Pastor Dave Baxter
June 25 The New Adam
(Romans 5:12-21)
Pastor Brian Peterson
Victory in the Lord
(Esther 8:15-9:19)
Pastor Bruce Creswell
July 2 Buried With Christ
(Romans 6:1-14)
Pastor Andy Schuster
The Coming Day of the Lord
(Zechariah 14:1-20)
Pastor Stewart Neely
July 9 Slaves of Righteousness
(Romans 6:15-23)
Pastor Bernie Lawrence
Remembering the Work of God
(Esther 9:20-10:3)
Pastor Andy Schuster