Sunday Bible School

Winter Quarter 2016-2017 | December - February

Sunday Bible School (SBS) classes for all ages. Classes meet at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning. For more information about each age-level class (community), go to our SBS Communities page.

Click here for a printable brochure for the Winter 2016-2017 quarter.

Please click here for a map/layout of the Community Life Center and where each classroom is located. All classes, except the Senior Adults and Young Seniors have moved from their previous locations.

Senior Adults "Coram Deo"

Location: Worship Center, Room 201 (Choir Room)
Topic: God Spoke in Times Past (continued)
Teacher: Pastor Bruce Creswell
For the winter quarter, we will finish our journey in the Old Testament, looking at the last seven minor prophets. We will consider each book: its history, the key characters and events, and how they point to Christ. Come join us on our journey as we travel through to the end of the Old Testament.

Young Seniors

Location: Worship Center, Room 211
Topic: In His Light We See Light
Teacher: Clifford Chin
We live in an ever changing environment where our flesh, the world, and Satan are ever before us. God calls us as believers to be in this world but not of it… for this is not our home. So how are you doing? The Christian life is so much about perspective: how we see things, what we make of them, and how we respond to them. How we see things governs how we live our lives. This quarter, we will be exploring the simple truth that “In His light we see light,” for “Jesus is the True Light.” When we see things in the light of Jesus, the Word, and His Spirit, amazing things happen. As we journey to our heavenly home, God is at work and there is nothing that enters our lives that is not sovereignly in His kind and gracious hand.


Community: Parents of college-age students
Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Rooms 5 & 6
Teacher: Pastor Mike Miller
The Sojourner community will be exploring how the Bible and the power of Christ reframe our lives by connecting the Gospel to all of life. Especially considering our vocational callings, we will study how Christians should value the work God has called us to and use it for His glory.

Student Families

Community: Parents of middle school and high school students
Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Chapel
Topic:The Acts of the Apostles (continued)
Teacher: Pastor Brian Peterson
The book of Acts has long been a source of encouragement and challenge to Christians. We see ourselves in the early church’s struggles and successes. At times the Lord brought them to soaring heights and at others, discouraging valleys. More than that, they lived at a time of massive cultural change. Yet they were faithful to the God of their salvation, and thus they thrived. This quarter, we will continue to study this majestic book and learn from the early Christian church how our lives are to reflect the glory of the Gospel in a changing world that no longer accepts its message. These are challenging days, but they are not unique. The church has been here before. The Acts of the Apostles will point us to the lessons that will carry us into a new generation of biblical faithfulness.

Young Families

Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Rooms 1 & 2
Topic: Prayers of the Apostle Paul (continued)
Class rotation. Contact RE Wade Byrum or Deacon Adam Long
For the Christian, prayer is evidence of being born again. Yet Martin Luther said of prayer, it is the “hardest work of all.” Few of us would admit that our prayer lives are where we want them to be. God certainly knows that our prayer-hearts beat very slowly at times. For the winter quarter, the Young Families Sunday school community will continue to study the prayers of the Apostle Paul. Whether it is the bounty of God’s gifts in 1 Corinthians 1, the sweeping prayer of Ephesians 1, the overflowing gratitude of Philippians 1, or the pointed hortatory prayer of Colossians 1, we will ask the Lord to review and refashion our own prayer lives so that they rise to the same kingdom concerns. Please join us as we work together to be men and women of faithful kingdom prayer.

Young Professionals (Young Pros) & 18|22 Generation

Community: Young singles & newly married, college age
Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Rooms 3 & 4
Topic: Living Hope in Hard Times
Pastor Dave Baxter
These are hard days – often threatening to consume us with discouragement and fear. This winter quarter, we will be looking at how we can live with hope in the midst of hard times by remembering that God is always at work, training us to see what He is doing, and aligning our lives (and hopes) with His purposes.

Youth Ministries

Community: High School
Location: Youth Center (lower level of CLC)
Topic: Do You Know the One True God?
Teachers: Pastor Stewart Neely, Youth Staff
This winter, we will continue our walk through the attributes of God, using John 17:3 as our key verse. Each Sunday, there will be teaching on an attribute of God following the outline provided in J. I. Packer’s Knowing God. This curriculum will also have an apologetic angle as we incorporate discussion on opposition to the doctrines and attributes we discuss. Our goal is to encourage our students to deepen their knowledge of the One True God and to be able to live as worshippers whose knowledge shapes our convictions, feelings, and actions.

Community: Middle School
Location: Youth Center (lower level of CLC)
Topic: Being Faithful to Your Calling
Teachers: Pastor Andy Schuster, Youth Staff
Our middle school students continue to discuss “Being Faithful to Your Calling.” We will explore many different things that comprise our calling and emphasize the truth that all Christians are called to be faithful to what God has assigned to us in our life.

King’s Kids

Location: B Building, Room 105
Teachers: Team Rotation
This class is for students with special learning needs or disabilities. Team teachers use a curriculum involving the five senses, and activities are varied. Current lessons are drawn from the Gospels of Mark, Luke, and John. Distinctive features of this class include caring buddies who facilitate individualized learning, visible encouragement, and the extensive use of music for worship, Scripture memory, missionary stories, and learning fun.

Nursery and Children

NOTE: Christ Covenant trains and certifies all of our nursery volunteers and all Children’s Ministry personnel who work directly with children. Call Gatha Schleicher at 704-814-1045 or visit the Children's Ministry website for more information.

Our Children’s Ministry offers a full schedule of classes for infants through elementary grades. For security, every child is issued an ID tag through the Visitors’ Center in B-102. 
Your child’s specific room information will be provided at the first check-in.