Sunday Bible School

Spring Quarter 2017 | March - May

Christ Covenant Church offers Sunday Bible School (SBS) classes for all ages. Classes meet at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning. For more information about each age-level class (community), go to our SBS Communities page.

Click here for a printable brochure for the Spring 2017 quarter.

Please click here for a map/layout of the Community Life Center and where most of the classrooms are located. The Senior Adults and Young Seniors meet in the Worship Center.

Senior Adults "Coram Deo"

Location: Worship Center, Room 201 (Choir Room)
Topic: Stories Jesus Told
Teacher: Pastor Bruce Creswell
The world’s greatest Teacher spoke clearly and used simple stories of everyday life to illustrate His teachings. Individually and collectively, these stories we call parables play an important part in our Lord’s mission of salvation and judgment. As we look at His parables, we will seek to understand their purpose and their significance in His teaching and for our lives. We invite you to join us in our study of the stories Jesus told.

Young Seniors

Location: Worship Center, Room 211
Topic: Exploring the Story of Biblical Worship
Teacher: Dr. Paul Engle
Join us for a fresh exploration of what the Bible teaches about worship. We’ll view the sweep of the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation, looking at how this impacts our experience of worship today. We’ll discover the overarching umbrella that unlocks the meaning of worship as we climb seven mountains where worship occurred. This class will utilize hundreds of slides, video clips, discussion, and handouts along our 10-week spring journey. Dr. Engle, our instructor for this quarter, has written extensively on this subject and taught it as an adjunct professor in several countries.


Community: Parents of college-age students
Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Rooms 5 & 6
Topic: Vocational Calling
Teacher: Pastor Mike Miller
The Sojourners community will continue our study of faith and work using a variety of books and resources designed to help the Christian understand his or her purpose in God’s plan as related to vocational calling. Gleaning from the books, Your Work Matters to God, Kingdom Callings and Every Good Endeavor, we seek to gain a biblical understanding of our various jobs and connect them to God’s design and purpose.

Student Families

Community: Parents of middle school and high school students
Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Chapel
Topic: What’s in a Name?
Teacher: Pastor Brian Peterson
God may be known in three primary ways. First, we can know God through His attributes, or getting to know Him in His nature. Second, we can know God through His names, or knowing God for how He relates to His people and to creation. Finally, these all converge by knowing God through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Student Families community will be learning to know God through the names by which He has revealed Himself, each of which point to the Son. This topic, The Names of God, began February 5 and will continue through April 2, at which time we will begin a survey of different people in the Bible for whom God changed their names and how they interacted with the redemptive significance of the new name in Christ.

Young Families

Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Rooms 1 & 2
Topic: Communication and More
Young Families Elders and Friends
One could contend that the greatest need and the greatest challenge in marriage — and in all of life — is communication in a manner that builds up and does not tear down. We’ll look at biblical instruction on communication, and look at how to improve our communication skills. We will mix in some fellowship times and some Sundays of special focus.

Young Professionals (Young Pros) & 18|22 Generation

Community: Young singles & newly married, college age
Location: Community Life Center (CLC) Rooms 3 & 4
Topic: Living Hope in Hard Times (cont.)
Pastor Dave Baxter
These are hard days — often threatening to consume us with discouragement and fear. This spring quarter, we will continue to look at how we can live with hope in the midst of hard times by remembering that God is always at work, training us to see what He is doing, and aligning our lives (and hopes) with His purposes.

The Smart Stepfamily

Special 12-week Study)
Location: CDS High School Room 109
Teachers: John and Asheley Ramseur
When we start our journey as a stepfamily, we may not understand what challenges we will face or how long it might take to reach “The Promised Land” of a healthy stepfamily. Just as God brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt, God can redeem our families out of the tragedy and pain that go along with divorce and remarriage. The Smart Stepfamily gives encouragement and wisdom in an effort to help stepfamilies walk hand in hand with their Lord in the present. Join us to learn the steps to strengthen our families. Please register at

Youth Ministries

Community: High School
Location: Youth Center (lower level of CLC)
Topic: Common Roadblocks in Evangelizing a Lost World
Teachers: Pastor Stewart Neely & Youth Ministry Teaching Team
The high school class will seek to understand and address some of the most common hurdles in sharing the Gospel, from addressing the problem of theodicy, to the hypocrisy of Christians, to the apparent “division” between faith and science. We hope to engage with pertinent questions non-Christians offer while also viewing God’s sovereignty in the salvation of the lost.

Community: Middle School
Location: Youth Center (lower level of CLC)
Topic: Colossians
Teachers: Pastor Andy Schuster & Youth Staff
Our middle school students will be studying the book of Colossians this spring.

King’s Kids

Location: B Building, Room 105
Teachers: Team Rotation
This class is for students with special learning needs or disabilities. Team teachers use a curriculum involving the five senses, and activities are varied. We’re continuing our study in the gospels with emphasis on Luke. Distinctive features of this class include caring buddies who facilitate individualized learning, visible encouragement, and the extensive use of music for worship, Scripture memory, missionary stories, and learning fun.

Nursery and Children

NOTE: Christ Covenant trains and certifies all of our nursery volunteers and all Children’s Ministry personnel who work directly with children. Call Gatha Schleicher at 704-814-1045 or visit the Children's Ministry website for more information.

Our Children’s Ministry offers a full schedule of classes for infants through elementary grades. For security, every child is issued an ID tag through the Visitors’ Center in B-102. 
Your child’s specific room information will be provided at the first check-in.