Communicants is a process our youth in grades 5th-8th walk through with their family and their elder as the youth pursues church membership. As a church we desire to honor the role of parents as the primary disciple-makers of their children and the role of the elders of the church to assess and admit these same children into communing membership. To that end, we have designed our communicant’s training process to allow for both of those relationships to be developed more fully.

Our new communicant training schedule will be as follows each year:
1. Amy Wallace, Children’s Ministry Director, will contact your youth to see if they would like to participate in communicants class. An application must be filled out by the parent/guardian online by clicking here.

2. After Amy Wallace receives your application, your elder will be notified. He will walk with your family through the communicant process and will contact you soon for your first meeting and deliver your class materials to you.

3. From November to March, you will work through the workbook, “Understanding the Faith” with your child. We are so excited about the opportunity for you to take your time working through this material as a family! You will be given a pacing guide to be sure you are on track. Your elder will meet with you/your child two more times to shepherd you through the process, act as a resource and encourage your family!

4. In March/April, your student will attend a four-week class and have a final meeting with his/her elder. If at this point all agree that your child is ready, your child will be invited to fully join the church and take communion.

Please be assured that at all times appropriate CARE policies will be followed as elders meet with students.

We believe that this format allows a wonderful opportunity for our elders to truly shepherd our families as you teach your children.

Although not an exhaustive list, here are some things you might want to look for in determining if it is time for your child to undertake this process.

  • Is your child initiating the desire for membership? Your child should have a desire to begin the process. It should not be a parent-driven decision.
  • Does your child articulate to you an adequate understanding of their own sin and need for a Savior?
  • Is your child exhibiting the fruits of the spirit stemming from faith in Christ?
  • Does your child show a growing attentiveness to the preaching of God’s Word?
  • Does your child show a habit of repentance from sin?
  • Does your child show an increased desire to read God’s Word and spend time with him in prayer?

If your child does not seem ready in 5th grade, remember that this class is offered for students in 5th-8th grade. If they would like to join the church when they are in high school, they can attend the New Member class during Sunday School in the Fall or Winter/Spring class options.

Please contact Amy Wallace at [email protected] if you have any questions or if there is any way we can help your family in this process. We are all here to serve you!

Click here to download the printable communicants class brochure for more information.