Faith Promise is the primary means by which Christ Covenant financially supports international and domestic supported workers and church planters. Through Faith Promise, we support 92 supported workers/agencies in 26 countries around the globe! This approach to partnering financially began in our earliest years as a church. Our desire to share the gospel around the world and partner with men and women whose ministries we wanted to see grow, was often more than we could supply without taking resources from other ministry areas. Faith Promise was, and is, the way we support our Christian workers as God provides through church members. We have learned that we can make a prayerful promise with confidence in God’s provision. We do not need to know how God may meet the promise, but we can rest in His goodness. Through Faith Promise, God blesses those who are supported, those whose prayers He answers by providing unexpected resources, and those who hear how God demonstrates His power to provide in beautiful ways, year after year.

We ask that you begin to prayerfully consider giving a pledge to Faith Promise. You can give a one-time gift or pledge a certain amount to give throughout the year.

You can give online to Faith Promise by clicking here. You can also fill out an online Faith Promise Commitment Card by clicking here.