Wycliffe Bible Translators | Author & Editor of Exegetical Research

David does exegetical research for use by Bible translators to help them understand biblical texts they are translating. He also edits the work of nine other researchers.

Estelle works in the accounting office at JAARS, in Waxhaw. JAARS provides logistical support for the work of Bible translation.

There are thousands of languages that do not have a translation of the Bible, and hundreds of millions of people speak those languages.”

  • Pray for physical and mental/emotional energy for all the reading and editing David has to do, most of which is by computer, and that he and Estelle can keep up a good pace of work for several more years before retirement.
  • Pray that God would raise up someone to take his place as editor when he retires.
  • Pray for their adult children to walk with the Lord.


Last updated:

May 19, 2024