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    In 2018, André and Larissa started meeting with a small group of people to start Leipzigprojekt Church in Leipzig, East Germany. They are located in one of the most secular cities of the world and are trying to find ways to engage secular people with the gospel of grace.

    “Leipzig is the most influential city in East Germany after Berlin and 80% of the population identifies as nonreligious. Our goal is to be a church that makes sense to people who can’t make sense of God by inviting them to discover the surprising news of the gospel.”

    • Pray for spiritual maturity: since our church is home to a lot of people who previously didn’t have a stable or continuous church background (or none at all), we need wisdom and strength to care and disciple our people so we all grow towards christlikeness.
    • Pray for facilities: please pray that we would find facilities with enough space for our Sunday services, especially for the many children’s groups we have on Sundays.

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    May 15, 2024