Church Planter | Oxford Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Five years ago, Andy was sent by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales to plant a reformed and Presbyterian church in Oxford, UK. Davinia works with the women of the church and helps lead the children’s ministry. Oxford is renowned as a world center of academics and research. It is also a bastion of hyper-secularism. There are two universities with 50,000+ students, and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city every year. Oxford prides itself on being very liberal and the cutting edge of social progressivism. Despite the open aggression to God and the gospel, many students and locals are very interested in the claims of Christ.

  • Praise God for growth in the church and for providing a long-term home at the North Gate Hall, a historic church building located in the very center of the city.
  • Pray that God would provide the financial resources to be able to renovate and refurbish this building so that they can use it to reach the next generation of world leaders for Christ.
  • Pray that many non-Christians will come to faith in Jesus Christ and that the Lord would continue to build the church.

Last updated:

June 9, 2024