Cru Global Finance Internal Audit Director

As the internal audit lead, Emily leads a small team of international finance staff with CRU International. They review the use of funds and assess the financial health of each country’s ministry around the world. They empower local leaders to lead with information and make wise financial decisions that move the ministry forward! Emily’s role is leading the team, conducting audits, and training new and current auditors. Timothy is associate staff and conducts occasional audits.

“Our goal is to build financial capacity and credibility and accelerate ‘movements everywhere’.”

  • Pray for the 30+ audits planned for 2023. Pray that the Lord would show the auditors what is important for them to see and point out to the national leadership of those countries. Pray that the ministries will implement changes based on the audits.
  • Pray for us as we disciple our two boys. May they grow in the Lord. Pray for our marriage to glorify the Lord.
  • Pray for wisdom and Spirit-led guidance as I (Emily) communicate daily with leaders and staff from multiple cultures.


Last updated:

May 19, 2024