Charles leads African American Ministries in vision casting and development and directs the Center for African American Church Planting. Charlotte serves as the facilitator of the PCA Unity Fund.

“Of the 4000+ pastors and 2500 churches in the PCA, only 62 are Black, and only 19 are black lead pastors. It is past time for a serious well-resourced push to make a healthy home in the PCA for many, many more Black leaders in order to help our denomination better reflect the scene around Christ’s throne in Rev 7:9. African American Ministries (AAM) is essential to this effort.”

  • Pray for more African American church plant recruits.
  • Pray for several churches that are currently searching for African-American leadership.
  • Pray for our Center for African American Church Planting.
  • Pray for our African American Virtual Group Cohorts.
  • Pray for our annual national conference Labor Day weekend – LDR (Leadership Development Resources).
  • Pray for our ‘Between the Pew’ podcast.
  • Pray for more financial supporters.


Last updated:

February 22, 2024