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    As the pastor and church planter of Living Hope Church, Mitch’s primary responsibility is to continue feeding God’s sheep through the faithful preaching and teaching of Scripture. In addition, being a relatively young church plant situated over the road from a large University campus, they have an emphasis on discipling and training young men and women for the church and market place. Jess is a full-time mom to their three young children and helps run the kids program at Living Hope Church.

    “By most metrics Zimbabwe is considered a ‘reached’ nation but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll very much find a ‘lost’ nation. The pressures of prolonged political and economic turmoil coupled with a historical emphasis on conversion has left a people who know how to profess Christ but not what it means to walk in Christ. ”

    • Praise God with us for growing and strengthening Living Hope Church in Christ through various trials these last couple of years.
    • Pray continually Colossians 1:9-14 for us as a family and as a church over this year.
    • Pray, as we enter an election year in Zimbabwe, for a free, fair, and peaceful democratic process that honors the vote of the people. Please pray for a President and Government who truly fear the LORD and serve their nation.


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    February 22, 2024