Life Hope Network Founder & Director Global Outreach International

Cynthia runs a home for pregnant women and a crisis pregnancy/post-abortion counseling ministry. There is also a church plant that meets in their café.

Japan is hard soil for the gospel due to the worship of many gods, the belief in fate, the hold of Buddhism through the death of loved ones, superstition, and secularization/materialism. Still, certain circumstances lead people to search for love, belonging, meaning, forgiveness, and help.

  • Pray for the new pastoral intern, Tomi, who began in April.
  • Pray for the new LHN staff member, Miyoko, who began in April after graduating from seminary. Miyoko was baptized at their small church over eight years ago. She gradually has become a key member of LHN. In preparation to become a leader in this ministry, Miyoko began attending seminary. Tomi attended the same seminary, and Miyoko and Tomi soon became engaged and were married this past May!
  • Pray that Life Hope Network would see a harvest begin this year.

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June 22, 2024