Bud serves as a Communications Consultant on the Wycliffe Global Alliance Communication Team with a focus on the Wycliffe organizations. There are 19 organizations in the Europe Area and he works to help facilitate their communication teams in how they communicate with their audience and engaging them to involve people in the Bible translation movement.

Barbara serves as an intercessor for the Wycliffe Global Alliance. She spends the mornings in prayer, worship and meditation on God’s Word, listening and praying as the Holy Spirit directs her for world events, our Bible translation organizations near and far, for the unreached people groups around the world, for churches and individuals. When appropriate, she also writes notes of encouragement to others letting them know specifically how God has led her to pray for them and their situation/concern.

“There are 19 European Bible translation organizations that Bud and I serve here in Europe. Bud in the area of communications and me in intercessory prayer. We hold teaching and training events as well as lots of interaction on ZOOM and in person when we have the opportunity. These organizations are very involved in helping the people of the world get the Word of God in their own languages. We inspire them and help them in anyway we can to do so.”

“We live in changing times. Engaging people in the Bible translation movement has become more challenging as we see the church in Europe changing. We seek to motivate churches and individuals to become involved. How Wycliffe relates to the global Church is important in getting God’s Word to those that don’t have it yet.”

  • Pray, as the Europe Area team that we are a part of is small in number. The challenge ahead of us can be daunting with such a few number. A lot of work to do as we relate to the 19 organizations in Europe. Pray that God would bring others from the area organizations to be apart of the area team. Each country is unique with different languages and culture. Yet they all contribute to the world wide Bible translation movement. We need discernment and insight from God how best to do so.
  • Pray for me (Bud) as I divide my role relating to the Europe Area organizations with the global communications team. The global team relates just not to organizations in one area but all organizations globally. My role of helping facilitate strategic thinking in the area of communication can help organizations around the world, along with helping provide resources that help the organizations.
  • Pray for us: after 13 years serving with Wycliffe in Europe Barb and I will be moving back to the US in 2023. We will continue to serve with Wycliffe in the future from the US. Pray for us as we adjust and the teams we work with adjust to working more remotely. Pray that serving from a distance will not hinder the work.


Last updated:

February 22, 2024