Small groups at Christ Covenant serve many purposes, but their primary purpose is to provide an essential space for fellowship – one of the primary ways we experience the grace of God and grow in Christ. The Scriptures make plain that the church is a community and refer to it as the body of Christ. Yet, a common challenge for churchgoers can be the difficulty of connecting with people in a significant way beyond the pew. This is often especially true in a larger church. Small groups are a place where a big church can feel small and afford a unique opportunity to connect with others in friendship and grow in your faith outside of Sunday.

Please take a moment to read through a few of our frequently asked questions below in order to learn more about Christ Covenant Church’s small groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small group?

A Christ Covenant small group is a small gathering of individuals with a qualified leader who meet together regularly for the purpose of connecting in friendship and growing together in Christ. Small groups are a place where a big church can feel small. At Christ Covenant we have women’s, men’s and mixed small groups.

Why join a small group?

One of the challenges to joining a church can be connecting deeply with others. Especially in a large church, it can be easy to find yourself gathering regularly with familiar strangers rather than sharing life and growing in Christ together as friends. A small group is an ideal environment to get to know others and share in life together as you grow in Christ.

What is a Christ Covenant small group like?

A typical small group is made up of 10-20 individuals and meets multiple times a month. While the particular settings vary, our small groups provide an environment where members can enjoy Christ-centered fellowship with one another. They also feature a variety of structural emphases including sermon discussion, Bible study, prayer, book discussion, and serving in ministry with others. Individual group structures may also grow and change over time.

How do I get involved?

Our Small Groups Coordinator, Caleb Johnson, is eager to assist you in learning more about our small groups ministry or connecting with a small group. Contact Caleb at 704-814-1091 or [email protected].