About this study

Today many of us are drinking from broken cisterns that hold no water. Rather than finding satisfaction in God, the Fountain of living waters, we seek to satisfy ourselves with the broken cisterns of this world, and we remain discontented. In Broken Cisterns, Sarah Ivill exposes these broken cisterns- addictions to things like social media, physical appearance, shopping, sex, and others. She helps us understand why we are drawn to these things and how dangerous it is to seek contentment in them. Using Scripture, she also gently and practically leads us to the fountain of living waters, who will transform our hearts and eternally satisfy our thirst.

The live teaching for this study ended in February 2021.  However, we are continuing to make the teaching videos available on this page so that women who may have missed the live teaching can still access them. We recommend that you purchase Broken Cisterns by Sarah Ivill and do the study at your own pace.