Ideally, Christ Covenant desires each member be involved in two of the following three categories to help them grow in their walk with Christ: Sunday worship, service, and/or a small group.

We desire that each member faithfully attend Sunday worship. Faithful attendance in Sunday corporate worship establishes and equips new and mature believers by hearing the preaching of the Word, participating in the sacraments, and engaging in community.

We desire that each member serve. If you are looking for ways to deepen your walk with Christ and build community, serving in a ministry alongside other believers provides opportunities for growth in Christ.

Small groups at Christ Covenant serve many purposes, but their primary purpose is to provide an essential space for fellowship. Small groups are a place where a big church can feel small and afford a unique opportunity to connect with others in friendship and grow in your faith outside of Sunday. To learn more about how to join a small group, click here.

Participating in Sunday worship, service and a small group will greatly benefit each Christian’s growth in Christ.

To make disciples means that we who follow Jesus are to reproduce ourselves so there are more people who follow Jesus. The vision Jesus has for our church is really quite simple: Discipleship. Jesus envisions people who think like Jesus, look like Jesus, live like Jesus, and worship Jesus who then help other people to think like Jesus, look like Jesus, live like Jesus, and worship Jesus.

– Kevin DeYoung