We are living in a culture that is increasingly sexualized. Through all types of media — television, print, social media, and music — we are bombarded with images and messages that defy holiness. For many Christians, this unfettered exposure presents a threat to their personal integrity, their marriages, their work, and their faithful walk with God. In response, our church offers a safe place to address issues that jeopardize our sexual sanity as we strive to live by the example of Christ.

Free Resource for Parents

The Set Free Ministry endeavors to walk alongside individuals and families impacted by issues related to sexual sin. We offer resources, teaching sessions and accountability groups for strugglers and their loved ones.

Our partner organization, Harvest USA, has released a brand-new curriculum geared towards parents whose children have considered or embraced alternative sexual lifestyles. You can access the free download of Shattered Dreams, New Hope by clicking here.

Accountability Groups

We have ongoing closed, intergenerational accountability groups for men and for women who are members of Christ Covenant Church. For more information, please click here to email for a men’s group.

Support Groups for Families

If you are walking alongside a family member or child dealing with sexual sin (pornography, same sex attraction, gender confusion, etc.), we offer a confidential support group for parents to come together and share, encourage and pray for one another. For more information about our support group for families, email [email protected].

Resource Library

When you discover someone in your family is struggling with sexual sin or identity, we understand that it’s hard to know where to start and how to process it all. We have compiled a library to help guide your thoughts, prayers and next steps. We hope that these resources will be a helpful starting point on the road ahead. Click here to access the resource library.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

We have licensed counselors and pastoral care integrated into our leadership team. If your situation lends itself more toward this type of care, and you would like to connect to a counselor or pastor, please contact Pastor Derek Wells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our accountability groups consist of a small group of Christ Covenant members who come together to share, encourage, and pray for each other. These groups are closed and confidential. Time and place are not advertised. If you’d like to meet with someone to learn more about whether this group is a good fit for you, please email [email protected], and we will connect you with the right leader.

Small Group leaders in the Set Free ministry have been carefully selected by our staff and trained by the HarvestUSA staff team.  This includes an in-depth weekend training as well as on-going webinars and recommended reading from HarvestUSA.

Our church is in its early development of this ministry, so our volunteer leaders’ experience comes primarily from their training, their own individual passion for this area of ministry, each one’s personal experience and their knowledge of and commitment to Scripture. We have full access to all resources provided by HarvestUSA who have been partnering with churches to develop these groups for more than 30 years.

Sex is powerful and we all struggle with it in some way. The sexual struggler is one who habitually wrestles with broken sexual sin patterns, typically in silence and secrecy. These sin patterns include any expression of intimacy that is outside the creation design of God for His children — from pornography to lust, homosexual or heterosexual infidelity, and masturbation.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in these pathways to shepherding care, please contact us at [email protected]. Your email will be confidential and handled with the utmost care.