Campus Outreach South Africa | Campus Outreach Cape Town Team Leaders

James and Kelly are Campus Outreach Cape Town Team Leaders. Their goal is to evangelize and disciple university students preparing them to multiply their lives and walk with Christ for a lifetime.

“Cape Town is home to 250,000 University Students. 1 in every 16 people in the city is a university student. Cape Town is one of the major cultural hubs of Africa.”

  • Pray for the Campus Outreach Cape Town team to build a healthy team culture as the foundation for future teams and ministry.
  • Pray for wisdom for the team in selecting ministry areas among the many university students in Cape Town.
  • Pray for access to university students for evangelism and discipleship. From time to time, universities impose restrictions and make accessing students difficult.
  • Pray for new staff – Connor & Maddie Holladay and Paige Livingston – who are raising support and applying for visas to join the team in South Africa.


Last updated:

May 19, 2024