Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church | Church Planter
& Founders of the Mamlaka Foundation

Imbumi serves as the pastor for the Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church. Imbumi and Martha run a holistic ministry through their church where they engage in teaching, preaching, and discipling. They are the founders of Mamlaka Christian School and also manage a girls’ and boys’ shelter in addition to farming, hosting pastoral conferences, directing youth camps, teacher training, sports, and Vacation Bible School for kids.

This is an area experiencing political volatility, and the vast majority of people live in huge, densely populated and poorly serviced locations.

  • Pray for continued life-transforming power of the gospel in our own lives, church and community.
  • Pray for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit resulting in conviction, renewal and strong growth in knowing and experiencing Jesus.
  • Pray for the church and school construction that is ongoing to be done excellently and to finish on time.
  • Pray for peace in the slum.
  • Pray for good rains.
  • Pray for completion of the boys’ shelter and dining hall.


Last updated:

June 21, 2024