Wycliffe / JAARS Retired Volunteer

In 1973, the King family arrived in the Philippines where they were privileged to serve in support of Bible translation. They worked there for 16 years, Dave as a pilot and Jan as an RN, training primary healthcare workers. Jan become a widow in 1991 and since then has plugged in at JAARS as a volunteer in support of God’s Word becoming available globally in the heart language of the people.

Jan retired in 2009 and volunteered as a staff nurse in the JAARS health services until 2023. Jan’s major ministry is praying for JAARS, her friends, and neighbors. She is also involved with the military moms’ prayer group and supported worker prayer group at church, as well as being part of
the church choir. She also has contact with many new Wycliffe and JAARS workers who are preparing to go overseas. Jan provides encouragement to these individuals by praying for them and their ministry efforts.


  • Pray for Jan in her retired life to have God’s wisdom in ministry to her family and with opportunities to help at JAARS from time to time.
  • Pray for energy, stamina, and good health for Jan as she continues to minister in prayer and encouragement to family, co-workers, and others.
  • Praise the Lord for CCC standing alongside her during these years of launching her 3 children to become parents as well as to make an impact for Him in the places He has put them.


Last updated:

June 21, 2024