In 1973, the King family arrived in the Philippines where they were privileged to serve in support of Bible translation. They worked there for 16 years, Dave as a pilot and Jan as an RN, training primary healthcare workers. Jan become a widow in 1991 and since then has plugged in at JAARS as a volunteer in support of God’s Word becoming available globally in the heart language of the people. Jan is retired (since 2009) and has volunteered as a staff nurse in their health services until this year (2023).


  • Pray for Jan in her retired life to have God’s wisdom in ministry to her family and with opportunities to help at JAARS from time to time.
  • Pray for energy, stamina, and good health for Jan as she continues to minister in prayer and encouragement to family, co-workers, and others.
  • Praise the Lord for CCC standing alongside her during these years of launching her 3 children to become parents as well as to make an impact for Him in the places He has put them.


Last updated:

February 22, 2024