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    Jonathan and Vanessa are planting Redeemer Detroit. Redeemer is located in downtown Detroit and the church’s desire is to keep planting. They are currently involved with an initiative called “The Detroit Project” that is planting 5 more PCA churches around metro Detroit.

    “10 years ago there was only one PCA church for all of metro Detroit which is about 4.4 million people. Today we are at 4 particularized churches with another 5 plants in the works.”

    • Pray for all that goes into the planting of a church – calling a pastor, fundraising, launch team, evangelism, etc…. especially when 5 are happening all at once.
    • Pray for Redeemer specifically as we minister in the difficult city of Detroit.
    • Pray that our pastors and their families would press on in good hope of what the Lord has called us to.


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    February 22, 2024