Michael & Linda-Lee coordinate native ministry in the Pacific North West. This includes developing mentorship and discipleship to indigenous people, assisting in reservation church development, and helping local churches initiate sustainable ministry partnerships with indigenous people groups in an urban and reservation context.

“The North American indigenous ministry field is a complex ministry that is filled with historical trauma and present resentment of Christianity. To navigate these spiritual challenges and the social deprivations requires tremendous creativity, prayer, and boldness. These are a forgotten people that have regressed to their traditional religions. Spiritual and social deprivation and the call of our Lord compels us to serve a people that have been pressed to the margins of our culture and society.”

  • Pray for unfolding ministry in a Post-Covid nation even though on the reservations the health criteria remains under a code yellow.
  • Pray to remove our profile in the ministry and encourage native leadership in Lummi and encouraging native outreach through their Sunday night fellowship.
  • Pray for initiatives towards a different approach in the Nooksack tribe that allows for indigenous ideas and methods to lead in reaching their own people.


Last updated:

February 22, 2024